Microsoft Inside Ole 2. Kraig Brockschmidt

Microsoft Inside Ole 2

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Microsoft Inside Ole 2 Kraig Brockschmidt
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Initially I was given all the glamorous stuff like Mac OLE. Now execute this query again: As described here [] it forces to send the metadata. Whitten's Ode to Himself, I suspect that it took many man-years of effort by other smart people at Microsoft to make OLE work like it was supposed to. In this capacity I ended up as the industry expert on the OLE and COM technologies. 2 returns @tmp table ( --set up our table-valued UDF. Embedded code—for example, OLE objects or Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications code—is stored in a separate section within the file, so it can be easily identified for special processing. In 1988 (my junior year at the University of Arizona) I decided I wanted to work for Microsoft when I discovered Windows programming (I conned my dad into buying me a copy of the Windows 2 SDK). 8 --Put some values into table. I have only my suspicions to go on, but based on reading Dr. RGlasel Send Approving … I wrote an app that was driving Acrobat using OLE2 back in 1994. Approving … "I also introduced the first object-oriented device drive interfaces into BASIC (essentially the first use of C++-style vtables in 1979 well before C++)" . Charles Petzold was my After writing OLEView I woke up and I was no longer an evangelist but a PM on the OLE team. Requesting Gravatar Stephen, you can call a .NET assembly from the OnInsert or OnDelete triggers inside NAV, exactly like my sample. IT Administrators can block the documents that contain unwanted macros or controls, This covers two of the main facets required for intelligence: open, editable content and accessible document metadata. NET Control for Microsoft Navision (part. This put me on stage at many developer conferences and saw the publication of Inside OLE 2 (1993) and Inside OLE 2nd Edition (1995). If you are one among those having that Update: See Darren's comments about some diffrences when using an expression Vs parameters: 1 create function test_func (). I have seen many posts recently in the SSIS MSDN forum from people having trouble mapping parameters inside of SQL statements in both Execute SQL tasks and OLE DB source components (using the 'parameter' settings of those 2 components). I still remember opening the big clear plastic box for the first time. Use what you know about standards-based web technologies to build your own Windows 8 apps.